How to reach Kanpur

Hey all, we know you are really excited to visit WordCamp Kanpur 2017. Wondering how to reach our city? To reach us, you can follow any of the following modes of transports:

Via Flight

  • You may take a flight to Lucknow. From Lucknow, taxi/buses takes about 2 hours to reach Kanpur.
  • You may also take a flight to New Delhi and then a flight to Kanpur (only on Tue, Thu, and Sat). Or you can just take a train from New Delhi to Kanpur. There are dozens of available options, and some are mentioned below.
  • If you’re coming from Pune or Mumbai then you can find connecting flights to Kanpur, starting at 4,000 as of now. They are on alternative days.

Via Train & Bus

You can find a train to Kanpur from almost everywhere in India. Kanpur Central Railway Station is one of the busiest railway stations, so it’s not hard to find a train.

And again, you can always fly to New Delhi (NDLS) and take a train from New Delhi to Kanpur Central (CNB).

If you are coming from Rajasthan or NCR area, you should check Shatabdi Travels for buses.

Few important trains from New Delhi to Kanpur Central railway station:

  • 12004 | Ljn Shatabdi Express | Departure: 06:10 | Arrival: 11:20
  • 12034 | Cnb Shatabdi Express | Departure: 15:50 | Arrival: 20:45
  • 12440 | Rnc Rajdhani Express | Departure: 16:00 | Arrival: 20:55
  • 12424 | Dbrt¬†Rajdhani Express | Departure: 16:10 | Arrival: 21:05
  • 12306 | Kolkata¬†Rajdhani Express | Departure: 16:55 | Arrival: 21:35

Can’t find a decent traveling option? Let us know and we’ll help you in finding one.