Abhishek Deshpande: Structuring your content with WordPress

Abhishek is serial WordCamper. He works as Solution Architect at the local agency in Nagpur. with his 10+ year of experience of web-mastering, he’ll be talking at WordCamp Kanpur about Structuring content with WordPress.

He’ll be sharing his experiences of small and medium-sized business (SMBs) websites, content related issues he faced, different types of content that make web experience better. How WordPress makes life easier to manage different types of Contents.

Abhishek is looking forward to aid startups, website owners, bloggers on the journey to develop incredible pieces of content with WordPress at WordCamp Kanpur.

About Abhishek

Abhishek is web technology consultant based in Nagpur. with 10+ year of experience in Web Development, Digital Marketing across various domains.

Abhishek , currently working as Solutions Architect at Peenak Solutions, started with WordPress version 1.8.  Part of WordPress community since last 5 years.

You can find Abhishek on Twitter and LinkedIn.