Varun Dubey: Engaging BuddyPress for building community sites with WordPress

WordPress alone is a very powerful platform but when you combine it with BuddyPress, it becomes even more powerful.

You can quickly turn your website into a full-featured social network, company network, and more. It allows your target audience to discuss and comment on your services and products, as well as get immediate support if they encounter any issues.

Pair BuddyPress with a few extra plugins and a gorgeous looking theme and you can open up your website to a whole new audience. If your company needs a place to facilitate communication and collaboration, look no further than BuddyPress.

BuddyPress can also be used to add functionality for segmented users set to build a dedicated solution for them, like adding some additional functionality to track activities for Yoga Classes, Job Portals specific enhancement,​ directory listing websites, and lots more. We are going to discuss possibilities with BuddyPress and future scope.

About Varun

Varun Dubey is an established web entrepreneur who has been offering expert web services for the last 6+ years. A WordPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce expert. Varun Dubey, currently working as Support & Maintenance Manager at BuddyBoss.

Formerly, the one of founder member of Wbcom Designs – an ace WordPress agency from North India; Varun Dubey is focused on developing and implementing ingenious and client-centered brand experiences. He has a solid web presence and is an active member of the WordPress community. Also, the torch-bearer of the WordPress community in North India’s Lucknow, he has been actively organising regular WordPress meetups for the enthusiasts. With a power-packed vision for the WordPress community at local levels, he is definitely contributing his fair part for the awareness.

At his speaker session, he will be speaking about “Engaging BuddyPress for building community sites with WordPress”. In the session, he will be discussing the power platform that BuddyPress is and how it can be utilised for building resourceful WordPress community websites.

You can get in touch with him over Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype @vapvarun.