What to do when you are in Kanpur

Now that you have planned on visiting Kanpur for WordCamp, here’s what you can do (apart from attending WordCamp) to enjoy the city to the fullest. We’ve collated the top sights to explore and activities to try in this gorgeous city.

  • Allen Forest Zoo: The Allen Forest Zoo, also known simply as the Kanpur Zoo, is the largest open green space in Kanpur. The zoo was founded by Sir Allen, a botanist and a member of the British Indian Civil Service, and opened to the public in 1971. This zoo is home to a broad range of mammals, such as rare big cats like White Asian tigers, Asiatic lions, leopards and jaguars, and a range of monkeys and primates like chimpanzees, baboons, and orangutans. The zoo also houses an aquarium, as well as life-size sculptures of prehistoric dinosaurs. A piece of advice, visit only if you can tolerate July’s extreme heat.
  • Z Square Mall: Z Square Mall is a shopping mall-cum-entertainment complex in Kanpur. The mall is located in the city’s most expensive area named as The Mall or Mall Road at Bada Chauraha Crossing. Its close proximity to railway station and Naveen Market makes it the busiest retail destination in Kanpur.

  • Ganga Barrage: Officially named as Lav Khush Barrage, this bridge across the Ganges lies at Azad Nagar-Nawabganj in Kanpur. Everyone is advised to go to Ganga Barrage at least once during their stay here at Kanpur. It is highly recommended to go either at the break of dawn or near dusk. The reflection of the sun in water and the sight of the fishing activities gives the scene, a very pleasant and serene aura. There is a convenience store by the bank of the river. After enjoying the scenic view, one may add to their pleasure, the taste of a good hot Maggi.

  • J. K. Temple: The J. K. Temple is a temple in Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur. Considered to be a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture, its mandapas have been constructed with high roof for adequate ventilation of light and air. The J. K. Trust has constructed this temple. This temple is nearer to the WordCamp Kanpur 2017’s venue.
  • Banarsi Tea Stall: One of the most famous tea vendor in Uttar Pradesh, India. If you are in Kanpur, Chai in a Kullad is a must.
  • Thaggu ke laddu: If you are a type of person that loves sweets, Thaggu ke Laddu is one of the best Laddu in the town. Have Sweets like Pinni, Laddu, and Kulfi ( also known as Badnam Kulfi ) for you and your loved ones!
What & where to eat in Kanpur?

The fact undoubtedly extends itself that food for thought and thought for food are so benign, that we bring up a page on food sightings in Kanpur!

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