Call for Contributor Day Team Leads

WordPress Kanpur 2017 will have a Contributor Day on 8th of July, a day prior to WordCamp, which will consist of attendees contributing back to WordPress community in many ways, including translating, support & many more.

Contributor Day are for everyone, regardless your experience with WordPress. Attendees break up into different teams and focus on a particular segment of WordPress. All the teams will be led by someone who will help the attendees.

There are some of the example teams:

  • Support: This team’s goal is to provide help to WordPress users in support forum, IRC or regional support forums.
  • Docs: This team usually helps in improving the quality of current WordPress docs, including Theme & Plugin documentation.
  • Theme Review Team: This team will cut down the theme review queue by reviewing themes.
  • Polyglot: Polyglots make WordPress available in all the languages by translating WordPress to their language(s). The team lead(s) must be GTE of their locale, if possible.
  • Community: It can include giving a workshop or speaking at the event.

And many more. If you want to lead the mentioned or any other team then fill the form below:

Just remember, we only have limited space at our venue so only 2-3 teams will be accepted. The venue can consist of 50 people are max, so if you want to attend or lead the event, RSVP here before the slots are filed. You need to make sure that you RSVP in order to attend the event.