Meet Kaapu Bhai

So, excited to know who is our Wapuu?

We are happy to unveil the official mascot for WordCamp Kanpur 2017 – Kaapu Bhai!


The Wapuu character was born as the official mascot of the Japan WordPress Community. Everyone loved the first iteration of the Wapuu, which caught on with the global WordPress community, and soon became a rage. Soon, other local WordPress communities followed suit and today, Wapuu is as much a symbol of the global WordPress community as the WordPress logo! Wanna check out the story of how the Wapuu was born? Check out this post from the Wapuu fan club.


The idea for a custom Wapuu for flagship event was thrown on the table for discussion, right during the early days of WordCamp Kanpur, when all of us were planning the event (Can’t deny, it was the first thing we thought of).  We tried everything to bring the touch of Kanpur and Uttar Pradesh to our Wapuu but we weren’t able to understand how to implement most of the ideas we had in mind.

We took a inspiration from Ammu and Appu, Wapsara, Wapuu SaaWambhau, and Napuu.

Kanpur is famous for it’s leather production, river Ganges, Kanpur Central (our logo) and street food. To implement it in the Wapuu, the best thing we could come up with was clothes made of leather. Plus, in Uttar Pradesh, most men keep a mustache and a funky hairstyle, so we tried our best to reflect that in Kaapu Bhai as well. The Goggles are also an addition to Kaapu Bhai as you can find most of the people wearing it in Uttar Pradesh.

Kaapu Bhai got its name from the name of the city itself, i.e. Kanpur + Wapuu and in Uttar Pradesh, People usually call their mates ‘Bhai’ meaning brother.

Kaapu Bhai is designed by Shubham Dviwedi, a graphics designer,  a photographer, and a third year computer science undergraduate student from DIT University, Dehradun plus he’s from Allahbad, Uttar Pradesh and lived in Kanpur for a while. It was because of him, that we were able to reflect Kanpur in our Wapuu.

Jaante nahi ho hume? Chacha vidhayak hai humare. Kanpur mey koi pareshani ho tum hame bataiyega.

– Kaapu Bhai