Missing Swag

Thank you everyone who attended WordCamp Kanpur 2017. We know we have posted a blog post after a long time. We will post all the photos soon on our site, as well as a recap post recapping the entire event.

Organizing a WordCamp is not easy. It took us months to prepare for the event day, and there were hundreds of different small and big tasks involve. And not everything can go according to plan. Just like that, we had some hiccups with WordCamp Kanpur 2017 as well.

Overall, the event was a success without many hiccups and we will post more details on them soon. But let us tell you the story of the missing swag.

We had many things in our swag bag, Kaapu Bhai Uno, t-shirt, fidget spinner, many offers from our kind sponsors, and more. But one was left out due to some confusion in communication with our sponsor Redix.

Due to communication errors, Radix’s offer to give FREE domain names (.TECH, .ONLINE, .SPACE, .STORE, .SITE, .PRESS, .HOST, .FUN and .WEBSITE) to our attendees was left out from our swag bag. After talking to them about this, they have asked us to put their flyers as a blog post so all of our attendees could use this offer to get their free domain.

You can visit link given in the flyer to get your free domain. The offer is valid till Aug 15th.