Ajit Bohra: Become a WordPress Power User

This talk has been cancelled. Please check our blog for the updated list of speakers.

Lot of people believe that WordPress is not secure, it hampers scalability, it’s slow, but in reality it is engineered to adapt to almost every scenario that it is put through. This adaptaion might not be optimum but it surely is awesome.

It is very easy to take control of WordPress and bust these myths. An efficient WordPress developer knows the importance of low level access to server which helps her/him tune it to get optimum performance and security from WordPress.

Apart from control of server, a perfect blend of developing and re-using the functionalities lets you control WordPress like a boss.

This talk intends to get the audience abreast with the tips and tricks in my toolbox that I use everyday to streamline and speedup WordPress development for my client projects.

In a nutshell, I will be talking about importance using git control, ssh for server access, custom taxonomies, custom post-types and custom queries.

About Ajit

People call me a tech geek, fitness enthusiast, wannabe Super Randonneur. I call myself a humble guy tapping my keyboard, writing custom WordPress implementations for my clients in India & Abroad.

With an experience of over 8 years in WordPress, where I traversed from basic WordPress theme setups to now implementing complex applications on top of WordPress, I run a boutique agency out of a corner of Mumbai called “LUBUS”.

I can be reached on ajit@lubus.in, followed on www.twitter.com/ajit.bohra and stalked on www.instagram.com/ajit.bohra. My work profile can be seen on http://www.lubus.in, https://github.com/ajitbohra, https://profiles.wordpress.org/ajitbohra