Hari Shanker R: How to Blog like a Boss with WordPress

Towards the start of this decade, when Social Media websites started gaining dominance, market gurus predicted the death of blogging as we knew it. Today, several years later – blogging is perhaps at the peak of its popularity. Well-written, well-designed and insightful blogs go a long way in boosting the strength of your brand, by carving a niche for yourself in the interwebs. Blogging will help you in improving your business, and even help you in generating tangible revenue.

In my talk – which is intended for all audiences, I will touch upon several topics in the blogging domain. I will talk about techniques to write great blog posts that drive in traffic, and on how to leverage blogs to bring in revenue for your business. I will also be sharing some hacks to boost traffic and to improve Search Engine Presence, and above all – on building a brand through your blog – all by making the most out of WordPress.

About Hari

Hari is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, and lives in the beautiful city of Kochi, with his wife. He has worked as a Banker, Journalist, and as a WordPress Project Manager with a startup, prior to joining Automattic. WordPress is Hari’s raison d’être. He stumbled-upon the content management system in 2005, as a gawky teenager researching for a way to host his blog online, and since then, there was no looking back! The journey eventually led him to Automattic, where he helps customers build amazing eCommerce websites using WooCommerce.

Hari has created, maintained, developed, and marketed several websites, and web applications using WordPress, and is also a compulsive blogger. Hari is a strong believer in the potential of WordPress, and the Open Web, as an agent of positive change – his motto in life is to make the world (and the web) a better place.