Anjali Rastogi: Living by ‘Blogging’ and ‘Digital Marketing’: The WordPress Way

WordPress for writing enthusiasts is what knowledge is to the seekers. It is an unbeatable platform for those non-coding talent hoarders who are into writing, marketing and have a nerve for online marketing. When explored righteously, this amazing avenue will bring out multiple career options for everyone who has a knack for technical understanding.

My talk is intended for all bloggers, social media marketers, marketing advisors, WordPress marketing enthusiasts and similar audience. In this session, I will be speaking about how one can indulge into WordPress if they are a non-coder. Being a blogger with WordPress isn’t just an option, it is a table for people to excel at and be different. To provide an edge to your blogging passion with WordPress, I will be talking about how you can mingle the magic of ‘Blogging’ and ‘Digital Marketing’ together, to be the best.

About Anjali

Anjali is a Freelance Creative & Technical Content Writer, a WordPress Blogger, a Social Media Manager, and a Digital Marketing Advisor. With an enthusiasm to connect with audiences and clients on a professionally-personal basis, she has been active in the sphere for almost three years now. Since it has been only a year since she fell head over heels for WordPress, she chooses to call herself a ‘Striving WordPress enthusiast.’ Primarily, a guest blogger for some of the leading WordPress websites, Internet Marketing is Anjali’s favorite niche to blog on.

You can catch her on Twitter: @angelrastogi

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